April 1, 2019

5 Questions to Guide Your New Workplace Strategy

The physical environment is essential to employee satisfaction, productivity and efficiency – and it can hinder an organization’s success without any obvious signs. If you think your workplace could use a refresh, don’t jump head-first into a new design without first thinking through the strategy.

Here are five soul-searching questions to think through if you’re considering an office move or renovation.

  1. Does our office support the type of work our employees perform? Consider how and where your workforce spends most of their workday. Are there enough private workrooms to balance open collaboration space and are they located where your teams need them?
  2. Is the office set-up intuitive? For example, teams that collaborate often will likely want to be located near each other, and employees who want to focus on individual work will likely appreciate if collaborative spaces are located further away from their desks.
  3. Is your office wired to support connectivity? For employees to be able to choose the appropriate resources and work setting to support their work, future-focused firms are ensuring that laptop mobility, shared screen functions and call transferring are supported across individual work locations, open-collaboration spaces and conference rooms.
  4. What are the office pain points? Consider surveying your employees on what grinds their gears in their daily office life – common complaints may include spotty Wi-Fi or not enough private workspace.
  5. What will our workforce look like in the future? Get ahead of the office renovation and think about ways to incorporate flexibility so you can adjust your space for growth or adapting to emerging workstyles going forward.


If you’re reading through these questions and realizing your office isn’t quite aligned with your employees’ needs, it might be time to evaluate how your workspace can achieve its full potential. We’re ready to bring your workplace up to speed. Reach out today to create a workplace that inspires and delights the most important stakeholders: your own.