July 10, 2018

Chasing Millennial Workers—But To The Suburbs Or The City?

Wright Heerema Architects & Franklin Partners are working together to revive 263 Shuman Blvd. This project checks a lot of boxes for young professionals, including spaces for food service and health and wellness. Not all suburbs are created equal though, and the building’s access to Naperville’s social center is something they plan to take advantage of as well.

Franklin Partners and Wright Heerema Architects have collaborated on redevelopment projects for 15+ years in Chicago, its suburbs and in Western Michigan, often bringing amenities typically found in popular city centers to smaller markets. This experience leaves both developer and architect unconcerned that such robust amenities can’t be sustainable in a suburban office park low on foot traffic.

“Even with all of the redevelopments that we’ve done in the city, all of those are scaled to the particular building. The fitness center, the amount of food, the amount of Wi-Fi lounge that you might have, it’s all scalable,” said Roger Heerema, principal at Wright Heerema Architects.

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