July 19, 2018

How Are Millennials, Gen Z Reshaping Suburban Offices?

Commercial Property Executive article, July 18, 2018

Creative office space and high-end amenities are typical of traffic-ridden, booming urban areas. Or maybe technology clusters in buzzing metros such as San Francisco, New York City or Seattle. However, an increasing number of Millennials and members of Generation Z are flocking to the suburbs, bringing the urban feel to unusual spaces.

Today’s suburban live-work-play communities strive to meet modern necessities, but there’s more to accommodating this migration than creating new developments. Wright Heerema Architects Partner Roger Heerema and Franklin Partners Partner Raymond Warner discuss the post-Baby Boomers generations’ personal needs and how these line up with design and development trends in suburban and secondary office markets.
What do Millennials and Generation Z seek in the workplace environment?  Read the full article here.