February 1, 2018

Mind the Gap: Scott Delano Contributes to Network Next Gen’s First Podcast

Network Next Gen invited industry experts Scott Delano (Design Director, Wright Heerema Architects), Tom Marquardt (VP & Director of Interiors, HOK) and Genevieve Shanahan (Designer, Nelson) to contribute to the organization’s first Podcast, Mind the Gap.

The group’s discussion centered around generations in the workplace, their take on the generational gap, and overarching advice for designers across all levels.

Delano pointed out that “Design is incredibly complex,” therefore everyone should be contributing to one common goal. Designers of different ages are bound to take different paths to reach a solution, but ultimately should be contributing to the same goal.

“Your goal should be to get the understanding,” said Delano. “When you reach the understanding, you are more powerful when you achieve that next level, and you continue with that intent of getting better knowledge.”

Listen to the full Podcast on SoundCloud, and tune in every Monday for new inspiration and information from some of the design industry’s top leaders, manufacturers and designers.

Network Next Gen, is a referral-only group of professionals in their 20s-30s who work in the design industry. Discussions at their quarterly meetings bring attention to members’ career paths, professional growth, networking, and a wide array of relevant design topics.