March 8, 2018

Modern Times: Designing Spaces for Multiple Generations

WHA’s Scott Delano contributed to Insight Magazine’s recent article about designing spaces for multiple generations. The piece addresses how today’s design community has rapidly accommodated having five generations—millennials, GenX, Gen Y, baby boomers and traditionalists—work alongside each other for the first time in history.

Ultimately, the goal behind multigenerational design is to look at how each group defines success, according to Delano, “and it’s not the corner office. We’re trying to find the spaces that make that path for them. So we’re looking at the new work environment to provide meaningful opportunities for success.”

Author Tracey Gould highlights five trends that are critical to designing for this blended workforce:

  • Materials – Creating an experience in all physical and built environments
  • Spaces that Attract – Utilizing visioning and programming sessions to determine employee mindset
  • Technology – Infrastructure needs to be in place to accommodate all devices
  • Front Porch – Semi-public spaces in repositioned buildings are becoming the “front porch” of modern office environments

The article also features perspectives from Jodi Williams (Associate Vice President, CallisonRTKL) and Chris Culp (Managing Attorney and Director of Local Operations, McIlveen Family Law.

Read the full piece from Insight Magazine.

Designed by WHA, Power Construction’s corporate headquarters in Chicago is home to their multigenerational team
Power Construction
Power Construction