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303 W Madison

Our ambitious project aimed to revitalize the 303 West Madison building, adapting it to meet the evolving needs and expectations of the modern workforce. Recognizing the changing dynamics of the workplace and the desire for enhanced amenities, we set out to create a unique and engaging environment that goes beyond the traditional office setting.


303 W Madison, Chicago. IL

Scope of Services

Lobby Repositioning and Amenities: Interior Design, Tenant Lounge, Golf Simulator, Fitness Center, Conference Center, Bar

Year Completed


Lobby Repositioning SF


Amenities SF


Central to our vision was transforming the building's lobby into a captivating and immersive experience. Departing from its previous function as a mere passageway, we reimagined the lobby as a dynamic space that offers a series of engaging encounters from the moment one enters the building. By integrating captivating design elements and thoughtful amenities, we crafted a lobby that serves as a vibrant hub, fostering connection, inspiration, and productivity.

Furthermore, we recognized the growing importance of providing amenity spaces beyond individual office suites. In response to this trend, we meticulously planned and implemented a range of building-provided amenities catering to tenants' diverse needs. These spaces were designed to enhance the overall working experience within the building, offering areas for collaboration, relaxation, and social interaction.

Throughout the project, we strived to preserve the unique character of the building while infusing it with a contemporary flair. By blending the building's existing architectural elements with modern design sensibilities, we successfully created a "boutique" office environment that appeals to established and emerging startups.

Our transformative project has revitalized 303 West Madison, elevating it into a modern office experience that aligns with current market demands. The redesigned lobby and thoughtfully integrated amenity spaces now provide tenants with an engaging and enriching work environment, embracing the changing work landscape and setting a new standard for office buildings in the area.