June 11, 2020

Roger Heerema Moderates Bisnow Back to the ‘Burbs? Webinar

Roger Heerema, Principal at WHA, acted as a moderator for the June 2nd Bisnow Back to the ‘Burbs? Webinar where he asked Ralph Zucker, Adam Firsel and Richard Tucker thought provoking questions about what is next for the suburbs given the unique circumstances we are all experiencing right now.


“We’ve got a real message of positivity here, the suburbs for the last several years have been slowly going through a resurgence. I’m not sure that everyone in the audience understands that that resurgence was going on. We have three developers here that have been participating in that and redeveloping and developing some very successful projects and creating amenity-rich workplaces within walkable environments.” – Roger Heerema


Listen to the full recorded webinar here!