July 26, 2018

Roger Heerema Speaks on Repositioning & Property Management at BisNow Chicago

Roger Heerema was invited to speak on a panel about Repositioning and Property Management at BisNow Chicago. The panel brought on top developers in the region to discuss their approaches in mixed-use and repositioning projects that is happening all over the Chicagoland area.

Roger brought WHA’s experiences over the topics of not only repositioning, but future proofing repositioning projects.  By future proofing projects, it helps WHA and the client for the market changes to come.  “It’s all about being flexible and proactive.  Allow[ing] enough flexibility to change the infrastructure” for the next trends. One example that Roger brought up was amenity centers.  In the past, amenities were piecemeal process with more being added over time.  Owners now are looking at amenity centers as a singular highlight piece of the building to attract prospective tenants.

Among the other topics that were discussed during the panel, Roger emphasized that it’s all about the tenant experience.  “It’s important to consider the lifestyle and wellness amenities when leading a repositioning project because they always interest the tenants. “