November 6, 2018

Six Ways Incoming Generations are Changing Law Office Design

Law Practice Today byline by Scott Delano, October 12, 2018

A new wave of young talent is bringing into question everything we know about law office design. With millennials as the largest generation in the workforce since 2017, generational shifts have begun affecting office design choices in earnest—and law firms are not exempt.

While legal workplaces have historically been designed around status-based private offices, the preferences of millennials and Gen Zers to work in democratized, experience-based environments are turning that stereotype on its head. Less square footage per employee, more shared space and experience-based design are a handful of Generation-inspired trends that have made their way into law offices. Meanwhile, evolving legal teams are shifting what firms demand of their space.

As the last of the millennials graduate law school and enter the legal workforce—and with Gen Zers well on their way—law firms should pay attention to these six trends to keep up with workplace desires of incoming talent.

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