April 27, 2018

The Future of the Suburb – Roger Heerema Shares His Thoughts

Co-founder, Roger Heerema, was a panelist at the Chicago Hottest Sub-markets summit, hosted by BisNow.   The event focused on the current Chicago real estate and development scene.

The Future of the Suburb panel discussed the market trends of the Chicagoland area, particularly the northwest suburbs. Roger Heerema shared his thoughts on how technology plays a critical role on attracting current and future tenants. He dove into the current and past perceptions of the suburban market, while adding what he thinks the future might hold. Roger brought up what innovated tenants are looking for in the market and commented how the suburbs are being attractive for businesses.

With the suburbs becoming a hotbed for real estate, and technology is playing an important role for prospective tenants, Wright Heerema is proudly paving the way for corporate workplace innovation.