June 6, 2018

The Future Of Work: 8 Facts About Office Design, Telework, and Coworking

Clutch’s 2018 Future of Work survey evaluated 1,003 office workers to investigate evolving social dynamics in the workplace. Reporter Elizabeth Ballou reached out to WHA’s Scott Delano for his perspective on the results, who noted, “We live in a time where the rate of change is faster than it has been before. The notion of signing a 10-year lease, designing and building an office, and having that work for all 10 years is no longer as tenable.”

The article summarizes the survey’s results into 8 main callouts about office design, telework and coworking:

  • Most employees work from traditional offices
  • Managers are more likely to work in an office
  • Private offices are the most common setup
  • People feel more effective outside the office
  • Employees prefer remote work options
  • Non-traditional workspaces encourage work-life balance
  • Flexibility is a major draw for coworking space users
  • Coworking spaces create community in the office

“We see a lot of offices that were designed to a trend, but not to a client,” said Delano. “Frequently the decision-makers have a workflow that is so far removed from the people who are actually doing the work… so [decision-makers] are less aware of what those people need to perform at their best.”

Read the full piece and dig deeper into the data on Clutch.co.