February 27, 2018

WHA Partnering With Studio TK & Teknion for Refortify 2018

Wright Heerema Architects is excited to partner with Studio TK & Teknion for Refortify on March 29th! We’re teaming up with Breakthrough students (our “little architects”) to construct their fort designs using clothing, bedding & building materials. All materials used to build the forts will be donated to local organizations.

Refortify was created to widen the breadth of possibilities for childrens’ futures and to benefit their community. Kids ages 9-11 participating in Breakthrough’s after school program are connected to the architectural and design profession through a 5-week series of workshops, culminating in the design of their own fort. At the end, the kids are paired professional design teams to execute and build their concepts using clothing, bedding and building materials. The collected clothing and materials are then donated to benefit Breakthrough’s mission.

Here’s how it works:

  • Refortify team works with kids from Breakthrough’s after school program to teach them about concept, design, and create their own fort concepts.
  • Designer teams are paired with a small group of kids to help their creation come to life during the ‘build day’ and to experience during ‘play day.’
  • Refortify reception is held to showcase all designs on ‘view day.’
  • All materials and money collected will be donated to Breakthrough on behalf of the participants.
  • Category awards will be given!

More info about Refortify is available on the Radically Engaged website.